Thursday, 22 November 2012

2d to 3d to3d print to the real thing

Hi all
here is something i been working on in last month
its a desk for Bank of Ireland.

the turn around from design to being built is about 1 month

so this design was made up by Aiden Grennelle one of the top designers in ImageNow
Then it was modeled up by me and shown as a basic low res render

Next was more realistic renders

as well as a 3d print which help get the shape across

after everyone was happy with it went off to MJ Flood to be made

it was made in corian

its about 3x1x1 meters

and here it is in its place at one of Dublin busiest street, Grafton street 

the picture do not give it justice its really is quite amazing to see it in real.

hope this was interesting to someone 

Friday, 16 November 2012

Caterday your weekly cat with a 3d printer or print

Today's Pic was brought to you By Daid

This is Nyan playing with a 3d printed Yoke of some sort

Cheers Daid for the pic

Just a quick call out to anyone who has a cat or pet and has a 3d print or printer that would like to see there pet up here give me a shout

Monday, 12 November 2012

Fuse talk after

well it over and it was really good the talk was abit all over the place but i think i got the point across which is 3d printing rocks.

 here's a couple of pics showing the night

 alot of interest as normal

and this is me bricken it

all in all it was a good night

Friday, 9 November 2012

Caterday your weekly cat with a 3d printer or print

This is a new spot where I will be posting up picture of cats with there owners 3d pinter and/or 3d printed objects. If anyone would like to show off there 3d prints/ printer with there cats feel free to email me with the picture and the name of the cat if its your own print or one downloaded please put down the web address

So to start this off i give you:

Boo modelling 2 of Joris's Low res hi quality Vase

Thursday, 8 November 2012

talking to the peoples 17:00 hours

just a quick up date

my freakomiter is about 5 out of 10 getting worse

Talking to the peoples

Today i will talking to a group of people at the science gallery at 6pm
the talks is part of a program called fuse witch is part of Design week here in Dublin.
if your about heres the site 

pop in and say hi and see myself freak out in front of loads of people.

heres hoping it will go well 

there will be and update when i get there.

my freakomiter is about 3 out of 10 so doing ok 

im guessing this will go up closer to the time.