Wednesday, 15 August 2012

imoca CRTL-C/CTRL-V Doo

Will be popping over to have a goo on Friday 

Doing a couple of prints for it there is where I am at:

if everything gose well i will have a video for what there being used for. I will also post up the other print when i done it.


  1. Is that a frisbee? LOOKS VERY GOOD! Faberdashery material?

  2. thanks ah i cant tell ya yet i will put up a video on Friday/weekend showing what its being used for its quite cool and will look class

    and yip Faberdashery all the way

    have to say you really can get away with not a very good print with a low res image taken by your phone.

    i had to put stuff ether side of the disc towards the top it was wobbling all over the place.

  3. Please keep us posted through Google+ on what this is about :) Thanks!

  4. yerp will do tho need to find out how to do this :)